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As if it becomes clear while it is blurred, there is something to obtain a new meaning in anxiety and hope.

This became a living history in every moment.  Artworks are variable depending on the situation and exist as a singular, but may be formed as a complex thing depending on the environment facing them.

In other words, it exists singular or some flock according to the flow, like our lives. 

My artworks keep adapting to new situation like puzzles.  Although it cannot be perfect in an imperfect world,

I have been struggled to voice as an artist. It is a way of revealing myself as an irreplaceable human being.
At the same time, it is a strong will to look back on the past in humour and seriousness with endless essence and existential  questions toward the world and humans.
Seeking new possibilities toward now and future represents my will to open a new chapter beyond limits of myself. 


Han Misuk's artist note (in 2020)

Han, Mi-suk 한미숙 韓美淑 

b. 1987


나라한 아름다울미 맑을숙

​      INFO


2020 ~ 2022   D.F.A. (Doctor of Fine Arts), Painting, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea 

2016 ~  2018   M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts), Painting, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea 

[Additional Training]

2019  Royal College of Art, Contemporary Art practice,  Short Course, London, UK



[Solo Exhibitions] 

2021   Twinkle Twinkle, Hakgojae Art Center (1F), Seoul, Korea,
2018   Imagine, Kultur Botschaft, Hamburg, Germany

[Selected Group Exhibitions]

2022    Round table, Art Museum Versi, Yongin, Korea         

2019    What is an Image?, Dyson Gallery, (Royal College of Art), London, UK,




2016   Screen project (online), Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2014~2015  Art wall project, Aloft Hotel, Seoul, Korea


[Residency Program]

2021 Art museum Versi (Art residency), Yongin,  Korea 

[Art Fair]

2023, The Holy Art Fair (19~22 Oct), The Truman Brewery,  London, UK 

[Selected Collaboration (Fashion & Graphic Design]

2006   Yo soy de corea,   HANMISUK x Fitbow (Fashion Brand) 


2011 Great big book of Fashion Illustration (Martin Dawber, Batsford), UK


2018 아무것도 있다, 잇다, (kunstforschen, Independent publication)

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